Here are a few tips to make your local cigar shop experience better.

  1. Don’t bring your own cigar – A Brick and Mortar shop is not a charity, buy a cigar when you go sit and enjoy the atmosphere, A/C, Coffee, and other items the shop has to offer.  Cigar shops is a very hard business and we are all lucky they are around.
  2. Don’t take a lit cigar into the walk-in humidor.  Just like you wont put a lit or off cigar into your humidor.
  3. Use the ashtrays, they are there for a reason.  Yes, sometimes ash falls on you and on the floor, but please try your best to use the ashtrays.
  4. Be aware of your personal devices.  Your phone is a personal device, watch videos with headphones, take calls outside, or just be aware of other peoples space. Be polite.
  5. Enjoy your smoke, Enjoy the cigar talk, just have a great experience. Of course at Cigar Cellar of Miami we do this daily.  Come by and smoke with us.

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