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Is it true that Connecticut cigars are good?
Connecticut broadleaf wrapper is oily and dark and used in many of the best cigars blends available on the market. These Connecticut Broadleaf Wrappers are commonly found in the mild cigars you like to smoke.

What is broadleaf made up of?
It is a bushy and short plant with wide leaves and broadleaf, after cured they turn quite dark in the color. These treated leaves are used in the making of the wrapped cigar. In case the plant is stalk cut then it means that the whole plant is harvested at the same time.

Does broadleaf have tobacco?
At present Connecticut, broadleaf is known to be the fast-growing type of tobacco in the field.

Why cigars are refers as Connecticut?
Connecticut tobacco is the tobacco that is grown under the shade in the Connecticut river valley of southern Vermont, Connecticut and  Massachusetts.  It is mainly used as a wrapper and binder for premium cigars.