We have the best prices on all Padron cigars on the market, from 1964 Aniversario, Padron 1926 Series, and Family Reserve in Natural or Maduro version.  All our products are picked up from the Miami Padron distribution center,weekly, all kept fresh in our humidor before they are sold in our brick and mortar or shipped out.

 Is it true that pardon Cigars is considered good?
Padron Cigars have been honoured as the #1 Cigar of the year a total of four times. It delivers the masses of coffee, an earthy flavour and cedar yet it caresses your palate, encouraging you to get another puff.

Is Padron cigar expensive than cigars?
Yes, Padron cigars are expensive because renowned cigar manufacturing brands like Padron can’t rush the hands of time. They rely on the special reserve of tobacco from their farms for the manufacturing of expensive cigars. For this, they select the most flavorful and finest wrapper leaves which increase their cost of production. But if you want then you can place an order for Padron Cigars Online at Cigar Cellar of Miami.

Do all the Padron cigars undergo the ageing process?
No, some cigars don’t need to undergo the ageing process. The basic difference between the Padron series, Padron 1926, pardon 1964 is age. The more expensive and smoother Padron 1926 has tobacco that aged for several years than the regular Padron series.