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Is Arturo Fuente Cigars a good choice for cigar lovers?
The Arturo Fuente Cigars are consistently rated among the best cigars in the world. It is considered the best choice for people who prefer compact
little cigars with medium strength. Despite the medium body people can enjoy the steady and excellent burn.

How old is Arturo Fuente Cigars?
The brand Arturo Fuente Cigars are renowned for its premium handmade cigars for over 100 years. If you want to experience a hand-rolled cigar then you should try Arturo Fuente Cigars available for sale at Cigar Cellar of Miami

For how long does Arturo Fuente Cigars undergo the ageing process?
Arturo Fuente Cigars was aged for one year under favourable conditions so that it could taste better than its initial taste. During this period, the binder, the filler and wrapper leaves form a perfect balance and unity and combine to enhance the taste of tobacco.