Our LFD Andalusian Bull policy

Andalusian Bull back order policy

It seems like we are super highly ranked on Google for our Andalusian Bull sales.  It isn’t the easiest cigar to get, and the fact that LFD does not rush this cigar it maintains its Cigar of the Year status and just as good as the 1st edition.

So…our policy.  We do allow back orders (BO) on our site, we had to limit to max 1 order per customer because a few of y’all ordered 2 or more boxes at once and that would have put us at capacity on the BO list.  Our total BO is 3 boxes, once we reach the 3 boxes we close the online BO.  That’s it. https://cigarcellarofmiami.com/product/andalusian-bull/

WE are still running a sale on all Padron Family Reserves, please check them out. https://cigarcellarofmiami.com/product/padron-family-reserve-no-80/

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